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 Clear Boundaries understands: Your dog is family.

Dog Guard Dogs Run and PlayYour pets are an important and valued part of your family. At Dog Guard we offer your pet an area to roam that is only limited by the size of your property. We offer you, the owner, confidence that your pets will stay safe in your yard, at a price that is not only far less expensive than traditional fencing, but also less expensive than other brands of “out of sight fences”. Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Electronic Dog Fencing is veterinarian-approved combination of animal training and state-of-the art electronic pet fencing. Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Electronic Dog Fencing uses the unique 2 zone T-4 transmitter, which allows 32 levels of correction strengths to be set for your pet at the transmitter, depending on your dog’s temperament.

50 off coupon special offerPlease take a few minutes to learn more about both Dog Guard and their industry leading products that are “Made in the USA.” If you would like a free estimate, or you have questions about the equipment, please contact me at (615) 415-3803. Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Electronic Dog Fencing offers a “Trade-Up” Program: Trade Up Special Offers. Find the best solutions to keep your dog from roaming! At Dog Guard we know that contained pets are happier pets. Give your dog the freedom to run and play with boundaries and no fencing to maintain.

Check out the great reviews! Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Electronic Dog Fencing is on Yelp and offers the most satisfied customer reviews on the web. Please share our information with your friends & family, and on social sites like Facebook. The Dog Guard testimonials will give you the confidence you need to invite us over to meet your dog and discuss your indoor and outdoor electronic pet fence needs.

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And as always we try to add useful links to trusted places for your pet as we find them. Useful Links  are just a way for us to be connected with some of the other services in Montgomery, Berks & Lebanon that may be useful for you to be aware of as a loving dog owner or aspiring dog owner!

Phone: (615) 415-3803



Clear Boundaries serves these Counties: Humphreys, Hickman, Williamson, Houston, Stewart & Dicksonm. Serving, but not limited to the following towns:

Humphreys County:  McEwen, New Johnsonville,  Waverly

Hickman County: Bon Aqua Junction, Centerville, Lyles, Wrigley

Williamson County: Brentwood, Fairview, Franklin, Nolensville, Thompson’s Station

Houston County: Arlington, Erin, Tennessee Ridge

Stewart County: Cumberland City, Dover

Dickson County: Burns, Charlotte, Dickson, Slayden, Vanleer, White Bluff

Montgomery: Clarksville

Henry: Paris

Benton: Camden

Maury: Columbia, Mt Pleasant, Celleoka

Clear Boundaries is a proud distributor of Dog Guard Electric Dog Fence products. Proudly made in the USA.

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